Date: 27 – 30. OCTOBAR 2022.
Venue: Zlatibor


First international youth summit “OPEN WORLD” organized by the Foundation ”Together for Youth – prof. Dr. Danica Grujičić “and under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Serbia, which would bring together the most talented, best students and successful young people from this area, with guests from abroad on the one hand and representatives of state institutions, domestic and international companies, as well as the non-governmental sector, on the other.

The idea is that this manifestation will grow in the coming years into the biggest event for young people in this part of Europe. In this way, Serbia would become a gathering place for the best among young people, representatives of world universities, student and non-governmental organizations, as representatives of state institutions and the private sector. With this kind of event, young people would have the opportunity to connect with our country, the biggest domestic companies and companies from all over the world. This represents a chance for establishing better relations, international cooperation in various fields, economic cooperation and cooperation among young people, launching international projects and various startup and business projects.
Also, this would create a chance for the best young people to stay in their country or for those who left to return. For the country of Serbia, the organization of such an event would create an opportunity on the international stage to present itself as a new gathering center for young people from the region and the whole world. Such an event does not exist in Serbia or in the region at this level, and thus Serbia would become the first and only country in this part of Europe to organize such a large summit for young people.
The gathering of the most successful young people from Serbia, the region and the world at the Summit, which will leave a lasting impression on every participant with the quality of the program and materials, and give Serbia a chance to become the center of the gathering of the most successful young people among the new generations.

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